A Comprehensive Introduction to the Kitura Web Development Framework

This book is an introductory guidebook or tutorial for teaching existing Swift developers to develop web sites and services using the Kitura web framework. This version of the book covers Kitura 2 running on Swift 4.

Kitura Until Dawn is available in a wide variety of formats. If you’re not currently reading this book in the manner that you would prefer, and/or the information within it seems to be out of date, please check out the Kitura Until Dawn web site for alternative formats and updated content.

This Book is Free!

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Kitura Until Dawn is still being written, and may, in fact, never be finished as Swift and Kitura continue to evolve. Feedback and bug reports are welcome! Please file an issue or pull request on this book's GitHub project or email the author at [email protected].

CC license badge This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

Copyright, such as it is, by Nocturnal, 2017-2018. If you paid any money for this book, then we both got cheated. Kitura may or may not be a trademark of International Business Machines, with whom I have no affiliation.

This book is dedicated to Commodore International and the team behind the Commodore 64, the little brown-and-tan wedge that made me the hopeless nerd I am today. Big thanks also go out to the intelligent, kind, and patient people on the [email protected] Slack server and the lovable curmudgeons in the Freenode #iphonedev-chat channel.